Ultimate Love Sticker Pack

Ultimate Love Sticker Pack

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Only a limited batch available! Each sticker is generally $4 so this pack includes 10 stickers at nearly half the price.

Includes 10 Valentines Day Vinyl Stickers:

✿ Find Me in the Future Calcifer Sticker (Glossy)

✿ No Face "Will You Be Mine?" Postage Stamp Sticker (Glossy)

✿ Haku Special Delivery Sticker (Glossy)

✿ Soot Sprite Heart Cake (Matte)

✿ Kirby Latte Sticker (Glossy)

✿ You Are Loved Bunny Sticker (Matte)

✿ Cute as a Button Sticker (Matte)

✿ Cherry Heart Tamagotchi Sticker (Matte)

✿ Howl "Fickle Heart" Sticker (Glossy)

✿ I Kinda Like You Sticker (Glossy) or Anya Waku Waku Heart Sticker (Glossy)

*All stickers are around 3 inches*