Sheselle is a California based apparel and accessories brand founded and designed by Graphic Designer, Elle. Having built a strong social media presence on Instagram over the past couple years,  she was inspired to evolve her brand and launch her first collection in Summer 2018. Her pieces are a direct reflection of her childhood nostalgia growing up in the ‘90s, obsession with bold colors, and playful sense of humor. Sheselle’s mission is to inspire individuals to embrace their unique traits and not take life too seriously. The Sheselle aesthetic can be recognized by its signature cherry pattern and can be described as fun, youthful, and edgy.


♡ June 2018: Sheselle launched it's first collection titled "Bittersweet"

♡ December 2018: Sheselle launched it's second collection titled "Nostalgia Never Dies"

♡ September 2019: Sheselle launched it's third collection titled "In Your Dreams"

♡ February 2020: Sheselle released it's first tote bag "Mixed Feelings"

♡ March 2020: Elle (founder) quits her corporate design job to pursue Sheselle full~time

♡ June 2020: Sheselle launched an ACNH inspired pin collection

♡ September 2020: Sheselle reaches 10K on Insgagram!

♡ January 2021: Sheselle launches it’s fourth collection (title to be announced soon) 

♡ February 2021: Elle launches a Patreon!

♡ April 2021: Sheselle products can be purchased at it's first physical store in North Carolina, Edge of Urge!